The Reiss Motivation Profile

What determines your life and what is really important to you?
What makes you successful and happy?

As US psychologist Steven Reiss found out after many years of research with thousands of test subjects, not only one or two basic desires determine our existence, but 16 vital needs and values - our basic desires. Thereby, every person has – like an individual fingerprint – a distinctive “basic desire profile”.

Reiss Motivation Profile® is the first empirically developed test that gives a complete picture of a person’s motivation and basic desire structure. It shows which motives and values guide our actions in our private and professional lives, how we can develop our full performance potential, what goals contribute to us feeling satisfied with our life, and how we can “manage” our relations with other people.

The RMP is the centerpiece of a new strategy for coaching people at work. This new method is both quick and accurate, often leading to inexpensive, practical solutions.

“When we learn our values, we think we have learned something important about human nature, when in truth we have learned about ourselves.“